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Your award-winning success highlighted on ExecConnect

May 15, 2017

For your global monthly update on what’s been happening in Jeunesse, watch the replay of ExecConnect, hosted by Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis.

The latest episode covers global sales and the award-winning success Jeunesse has experienced in the past month. This special edition also features Ruby Director Enes Olgun, Emerald Director Eric Clerc, Emerald Director Serge Gilardi and Diamond Director Fabian Fitzner, who offer valuable insight to how events and products impact their businesses.

Episode highlights:

Global sales

Markets around the world have seen incredible growth in the last month. The Netherlands and Brazil are leading global sales, following the successful Amsterdam Regional Convention and Brazil’s one-year anniversary event.


  • Jeunesse had the tremendous honor of accepting the 2017 Bravo Growth Award at the annual DSN Global 100 Awards in Dallas. Our growth from $419 million in 2014 to $1.4 billion in 2016 led to this incredible moment, which recognized the $1 billion climb in revenue through the past two years.

    “I didn’t really deserve to be on that stage. Really, all of you deserved to be on that stage with me accepting that award. There’s so many people that had a part in us achieving that award and being recognized. It’s a humbling experience for me and the entire Jeunesse Family. I want to congratulate all of you for making that happen. We’re so proud of you.”
    – Scott Lewis

  • Jeunesse moved up four spots in DSN’s Global 100 since last year, now No. 14 in network marketing worldwide.
  • The American Business Awards recognized Jeunesse with nine Stevie® Awards – two gold and seven silver Stevies – making the company one of the top multiple-award winners.
  • Jeunesse has won 228 awards in only seven years! Share this award-winning success with your teams, Customers and leads around the world.

Amsterdam Regional Convention (April 28-30)

  • CVO Scott Lewis discussed the Amsterdam Regional Convention, which was the largest event in Jeunesse Europe’s history, and the experience of the exciting launch of two business-changing products for the Europe market: ZEN Project 8® and NV™.
  • Lewis announced that, through the generosity of Distributors, more than 80,000 euros were raised for the Jeunesse Kids™ partnership with The Forgotten Child Foundation in the Netherlands.
  • Market leaders voiced what the highlights of the event were for them.
    • Ruby Director Enes Olgun said, “Every second I enjoyed too much,” and found value in listening to international leaders, networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and meeting the supporting corporate leadership at Jeunesse.
    • Emerald Director Eric Clerc was impressed by the future vision for Jeunesse, and the speakers that inspired him to run his business with the mindset of doing the right things for the right people.
    • Emerald Director Serge Gilardi found immense value in the launch of ZEN Project 8 and NV, as both will expand the opportunity for new Customers and building his business. He also enjoyed hearing the Founders, CVO Scott Lewis and the Diamond Panel speak.
    • Diamond Director Fabian Fitzner participated in the ZEN Project 8 launch, and plans to leverage both product launches to grow his business throughout Europe.

Watch the replay to hear how these leaders and CVO Scott Lewis see the European market and events being part of the Jeunesse success story in 2017.

For all ExecConnect episodes, visit: http://hangouts.jeunesseglobal.com/what-are-jworld-hangouts/.